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👅 About Us

    Spiritually Horny Is the Art of Activating Courage

A free spirit is a horny spirit gushing with an abundance of energy. It's a lightness of being. Sensual spirituality is a state of being fully alive, connected, and present.

A horny spirit can only blossom if you have the courage to be and to laugh at all the stereotypes and conventions that threaten to strangle you. Wearing Spiritually Horny nurtures that courage and your daily IDGAF attitude. The less fucks you cultivate, the more your spirit blossoms into all that you are.

Live according to the size of your balls. If you need to grow a pair, wear Spiritually Horny. 

Our founder Danijela Steinfeld was sexually assaulted in Serbia at the height of her acting career by another actor. In fear that she would tarnish his reputation in the suppressed country, she escaped to the USA.

Along her healing journey she (1) directed a film interviewing victims and perpetrators and (2) created the Spiritually Horny. Danijela found freedom of speech in America which is why the Spiritually Horny statements sure start a conversation.

We are now on a mission to make you feel the power of wearing one of our statements so you can live in a state of empowerment, having Spiritually Horny slogans shield you from any external judgements.